DeerHack 2023 - Fawning Over Innovation

DeerHack 2023 - Fawning Over Innovation

DeerHack 2023 was a 48-hour hackathon aimed at solving real-world problems by bringing together developers, designers, students, entrepreneurs, educators, and mentors. The event offers a safe and comfortable environment to improve teamwork, communication, leadership skills, and networking.

From May 5th to 7th, 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in DeerHack 2023, a hackathon that brought together tech enthusiasts, problem solvers, and creative minds. As a member of the “Mechi Mavericks” team, I embarked on this adventure with my college classmates, a senior, and a junior. It was our first time diving into the world of hackathons, and we were both excited and nervous.

The Beginning 🔰

We found DeerHack on Facebook groups, and quickly decided to make a team. Before the main event on May 4th, we met mentors, judges, and others. We chatted, played games, and got ready for the busy hacking days to come, all while enjoying snacks.

Our Project: “Suchana” ℹ️

Our goal was simple: make a difference. So, we came up with "Suchana," a platform to help with urgent social problems in our area. One big problem we faced was elephant attacks. These attacks wrecked crops, homes, and even killed people. We knew we had to do something to solve this issue.

Challenges Faced 🎯

Adding SMS features was really hard for us. We didn't have much time or resources to set up an SMS system. So, we decided to use Telegram and push notifications through Firebase as a quick fix. But our plan is to eventually switch to using SMS in the future.

The Race Against Time ⏳

From May 5th until midnight on May 6th, we worked without stopping. Time passed quickly, and we were so focused on coding that we hardly slept. Creating "Suchana" was exciting but also stressful. We encountered technical problems, but our enthusiasm kept us going.

The DeerHack Experience 🚀

The organizers of DeerHack were friendly and helpful. Everything was well-organized, and we learned a lot from them. On the last day, May 7th, the Initial Project Screening started. Judges came to our workspace to check out our projects and ideas. We explained our creation, filled with excitement and energy.

The Grand Finale 🏆

We were one of the top 5 finalists! Standing in front of everyone, we presented "Suchana" with pride. Even though we were nervous, we did our best. Our presentation might not have been perfect, but the lessons we learned were priceless. Though we didn't win, we made valuable connections with mentors, other participants, and felt proud of what we accomplished.

My Experience at DeerHack 2023 🏅

Attending DeerHack 2023 with my team, the "Mechi Mavericks" from Mechi Multiple Campus in Bhadrapur, Jhapa, was an amazing experience. It was our first hackathon, and it went beyond our expectations. The event was well-planned, and everyone we met was friendly and supportive. We had a blast while learning new things and working with other participants. The mentors, especially Mr. Umesh Regmi, were incredibly helpful and guided us through challenges. Their encouragement pushed us to do our best. Overall, DeerHack was an unforgettable journey full of excitement, learning, and teamwork, and we're thankful for the chance to have been part of it.

DeerHack showed us that working together sparks innovation, overcoming challenges helps us grow, and setbacks push us forward. As the event ended, we walked away with memories, lessons, and a desire for more hackathons. Until next time, DeerHack! 🚀🔥

 DeerHack 2023 - Fawning Over Innovation DeerHack 2023 - Fawning Over Innovation DeerHack 2023 - Fawning Over Innovation